Crystal Lake – 2024


Please explore our SWIMMER’S ITCH 101 tab on the top of the page to learn more about swimmer’s itch. If you can’t find this tab, use these two links: Swimmer’s Itch Life Cycle and Swimmer’s Itch Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

GREAT NEWS!! Common merganser broods can be trapped/relocated in 2024.

All common merganser broods appearing on Crystal Lake will be trapped and relocated by trained CLWA personnel. Although the SWIMMER’S ITCH SOLUTIONS team will not be working directly on Crystal Lake this summer, we will continue to assist the CLWA and the Crystal Lake community in your fight against swimmer’s itch. Part of that support includes maintaining this Crystal Lake-dedicated webpage for reporting common merganser broods and swimmer’s itch cases.

TWO specific ways you can continue to help…..

1. Report A Common Merganser BROOD on Crystal Lake (CLICK HERE)

From June 1 – July 15 the single most important thing you can do to help us control swimmer’s itch is to report any common merganser broods you see on Crystal Lake (click the appropriate link above).

If you aren’t sure that the brood you saw are common mergansers, click on the link anyway and you’ll be shown pictures to help you determine their identity.

2. important iconReport A CASE OF SWIMMER’S ITCH on Crystal Lake (CLICK HERE)

Please use the link above to report any and all swimmer’s itch cases on Crystal Lake in 2024. Thank you.