Report a Brood – Crystal Lake

Look closely at the images below.
The two on the left are photos of common mergansers. The two on the right are photos of mallards.

common merganser female and broodmallard female and brood

common merganser ducklingsmallard ducklings

The best way to tell the difference between the common merganser broods and mallard broods is to look at the color of a duckling’s body and head.  Common merganser ducklings (bottom left) have grey bodies with white patches and a dark rusty-orange head.  Mallard ducklings (bottom right) have brown bodies with yellow patches and a brown and yellow head.

If the ducklings have ANY yellow coloration anywhere, it’s probably a mallard brood.

If you were able to take a picture of the brood with your camera, please upload it using the “Select File” button below.  (Your photo doesn’t have to be a close-up or even in sharp focus. We can often confirm it’s a common merganser brood just by looking at how the ducks sit in the water).

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